Chronicles Of A Bearded Ibadan House Officer [Ep.3]

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They say no one knows tomorrow, I tell you in Ibadan you can always know your tomorrow; of course it’s so structured – wake up on Tuesday morning you get to attend a post graduate meeting; for the residents, it’s an opportunity to learn advanced level medicine you will only find in journals, for us house officers it’s a chance to sleep and complete the episode of sleep you didn’t get the previous day. I mean no one sympathizes with you that you barely slept and were busy all night but they want you to listen to high fallowing stuff. I’m currently laughing in Swahili right now, I tell you there is no space in my head to listen to anything, even where is the glucose, the little glucose I’m reserving for sleep you want me to finish it on stuff… Never

Wednesday is my most dreaded meeting, Mortality and Morbidity, perhaps the more scary of all meetings, the one where they tear doctors apart for mistakes or better ways a patient could have been managed. That’s the only meeting you audibly hear everyone’s heartbeat apart from the swirling of the fan, the next sound is a hundred hearts beat racing because of fear. I’d be honest; I seriously detest the meetings because of the way the whole thing goes down. I’m sure some people after that are torn apart and cry in their closet. It’s so painful to see grown up men and women spoken to like kindergarten children.

I remember one particular day one house officer was particularly tired because he had worked all night and of course was at the meeting , the guy didn’t care at all the way he snored you would have thought it was a car with a spoilt silencer. He just kept changing gears. Oh men… I could understand because I wasn’t a huge fan of sleep but these meetings were all lullaby to me. The more I tried to resist it. The more I fell into the pit of sleep.


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