Why Business Interest Is Important For Business Success

Interest is what controls all our actions and direction of efforts. Interest culminates into passion and fuels the drive to succeed at certain things. While reading an article about certain young lady who grew a bead business that she started with about N5,000 into a N10m worth empire shows how our interest fuels success.

Analytically our designer shoes, clothes, accessories, expensive phones and gadgets (not saying we shouldn’t treat ourselves to such luxury) are worth business capitals but we have centered our attention on raising big capitals in millions before venturing into business which results in colossal loss as a result of unpreparedness and haphazard planning. Another big puzzle is understanding where your interest lies, some persons have interest in events, education, entertainment, arts, sports, publishing, agriculture, services, production in small or large scales etc., while others have interest in different areas. It is not a thing of worry if you have varying interest, you might as well be cut out to become a serial entrepreneur.

There is always something that attracts our attention and makes us pay keen interest when it pops into topics of discussion or news. When one is able to discover something that should be considered as a potential area of business, it is required that the necessary skills needed should be acquired; mentor-ship or apprenticeship can be arranged for in order to acquire first hand experience in all areas of activities involved in the business.

In the absence of a mentor or any form of guidance, one can still take the bull by the horn and accept all the challenges and failures as a learning process and an avenue for accumulating experience. Some persons don’t just offer catering, fashion or any other vocational related services but runs catering or fashion schools teaching others how to start and succeed at these businesses as a result of the knowledge they acquired only from experience.


This article was written by Sule Muhammed Lawwal

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