The Best Way To Get A Job In Lagos

The Nigerian job market is over populated. Thousands of Nigerian youth graduate every year and there are not enough companies or facilities to manage their knowhow. Job sites and portals have the highest traffic activity with both employed and unemployed citizens looking for jobs and opportunities.

A lot of people spend months on end sending their CVs online and most of them never get a call back. Employers have their systems literarily crashing down due to the magnimity of CVs sent in by hopeful candidates.

The whole process ultimately gets tiring and overbearing. The bills keep piling and your needs get even harder to meet.

The truth is your first degree doesn’t matter, everyone has it. The job market is over populated with first and second class holders. Internships are easy to get, everyone has it. You are not the smartest person in your skill set. But you can have the upper hand by bypassing everything everyone has to something not enough people have – Connects.

The value of your net worth is qualified by your network. Who you know and who knows you is an important determinant to how far you will go in securing your next job.

Lagos like any other mega city in the world is populated with people who have big dreams to become more than what they are. But reaching the dream and aspiration can come with grave consequences of failure, disappointments and failed promises. But for everyone who made it out alive, they needed someone or more to accomplish the fit – network.

Go out. Leave the comfort of your home and meet people in places where individuals in your career path link up. Go for seminars… network with the individuals you meet there, find out who they are and what they do and seek for ways you can help them solve a need in their industry. Everyone is open to people who can help them solve a problem or a need. If you can be resourceful to them, then you have a foot in the door.

Connect with your mentors. Everyone has a mentor or someone who inspires them. Reach out to them all, be open to learning and working with them on projects that will help grow your experience. Connect with people with similar skill set on LinkedIn and seek for ways where you all can work together on projects and help each other out.

Still keep your options open on the lookout for jobs in your field you can apply to on job sites, LinkedIn and references. Try everything and never take anything for granted. During this waiting period, keep busy and learn more. Your next big job opportunity is around the corner. Goodluck.


This article was written by Omah Ogbuehi; she tweets via @OmahSpeaks

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