Benefits Of Developing Your Inner Strength

What does it mean to be strong?

In the word of John Roger “we should awaken ourselves to the power and beauty that are alive within us at the moment.”

No one is ever born with inner strength, but it can be developed like any other skill. It consists of willpower, self-discipline, persistence, the ability to concentrate and peace of mind. We all have our own personal philosophy of what a positive state of mind or a positive attitude means to us. Inner strength includes all sorts of things such as being honest and open, communicating with integrity or anything else.

I believe having inner strength is the opposite of aggression. People act aggressively out of defence when they feel they are not strong enough to resolve a situation. Violence and aggression come in handy as a means to deter and fend off others, thus avoiding real confrontation of a conflict. Strong individuals do not need to act aggressively because they feel that they have the power and skills to take over the details of a situation and bring it to a close. Aggression is a means of covering weakness.

Another term for inner strength is personal value, the human spirit or the innate essence that you are sustained by throughout your life. Your inner strength does not have to do with how you behave or act, but more with who you are.

You can be the most psychologically resilient individual and break down mentally if you lose a few days of sleep. Physical and mental strength work in synergy and feed each other to form a strong individual, and the opposite is also true – being physically inactive and out of shape can make one sink down and vice versa. Several recent studies have shown that physical exercise is an effective way for treating clinical weakness and the medical community is now starting to treat stress from both physical and mental perspectives. To build inner strength you must build both physical endurance and mental muscle.

Being grateful and thankful for yourself will also help you find inner strength. Even when you are feeling down, just look around yourself and say thanks for everything that you have at the moment. You will be able to get through the worst storms of life having a grateful attitude and you pave you own path toward greater fulfilment, joy and serenity.

Our reality can be altered by what is achieved by us inwardly. Saluting the human spirit within you and having faith in the beauty of who you are will make you internally strong. If you want to find your inner strength, you will firstly have to dare to shine.

Building inner strength is a lifelong task. If done right, not only will it pay off when difficulty arises, it will become habit, and eventually a part of your identity. Be strong.


This article was written by Onilogbo Adesegun.

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