Benefits Of The Agbada Challenge [Entry 8]

Let’s have a talk on the agbada challenge, shall we?

So Falz, the famous music crooner cum comedian-actor in collaboration with the charismatic Richard Mofe Damijo, AY the comedian, bad boy Jim Iyke and fine-faced Ramsey Noah rose up to a challenge from Alex_unusual (Big Brother Naija 2018 finalist). The goal was simply (or not so simply, given the effort it took) to dethrone the ex-Big Brother Naija housemate and celebrity, Ebuka, as the Lord of Agbada. Well, he beat them to their game by not showing up for the grand finale which was the premiere of the movie Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons held on September 23rd 2018.

Okay, that’s that! Can we put the drama aside and glean some of the benefits that it afforded our nation?

There are over 250 ethnic groups in Nigeria so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we are diverse in so many ways including fashion. The fashion industry has metamorphosed to suit these differences and even accommodate external influences over the years. Of recent, fashion designers have earned quite a fortune from the design of agbadas and the challenge created yet another opportunity. Other fashion professionals like the make-up artists and hair stylists also raked in cool cash as they helped

Celebrities achieve the perfect glam look.

The premiere of Merry Men gained attention from not just Nigerians but international audiences as well. With works like this, Road to Yesterday and the Wedding Party 1 & 2, Nollywood has so much more to boast about. Of course, I can’t forget in a hurry our Genevieve Nnaji’s Lionheart. Netflix had better get ready to sign up more original movies from Nigeria. If moviemakers, other Nollywood and fashion professionals dutifully pay their taxes, there is no telling the boost that this can do for our economy.

Many Nigerians who have travelled to or lived in the abroad must have been asked one ridiculous question about Nigeria at one point or the other. Like ‘what street in Africa do you live in?’ or ‘are there libraries in Nigeria?’ Thankfully, with the agbada challenge and other recent trends, facts about Nigeria will pop up more and such silly questions will reduce (or not?).

A while back, some of the most searched topics in Nigeria broke the net and yes, it was an apologetic list. A current list will surely have more dignifying topics on it. There should be topics like the agbada challenge, Lionheart by Genevieve Nnaji and the 6th annual African Magic Viewers Choice Awards. Carl Ikeme, a dashing professional Footballer should even make the list. The Nigerian Football Federation recently offered him a position on the technical crew of the Super Eagles following his partial retirement. Sadly, we will also be shown to have asked ‘Pamela why?

Of course, there are other morals of this challenge but let’s just stop here. I hope you learnt a thing or two.


This article was written by Serah Nwoke; connect with her on IG here

76 thoughts on “Benefits Of The Agbada Challenge [Entry 8]

  1. Agbada has been in existence for a long time among Yourubas and Hausas but more especially with the elite. I used to know it as ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED! All of a sudden it became a fashion trend for most Nigerians even the young ones. I thought the craziness was over.

  2. Wow! Top-notch👌 This piece reflects every shade of ‘classic’. Serah’s play with words while mixing a perfect blend of facts, comics and satire left me yearning for more.

    1. Of course Serah very educative, mind opening thought provoking piece you gat here.
      The Agbada atire provides proper covering for the body, promotes our rich cultural heritage and speaks volume of the designer’s creativity. No doubt the Agbada challenge has been of a positive impact to the Nigerian movie industry. Great work AY and CO.

      Weldon Serah!.

  3. Nigeria could really use good publicity now. The agbada challenge and whatever good thing the entertainment industry can come up with now is welcome.

  4. A well articulated pieces. Particularly for bringing to the fore the unifying feature of fashion in a multi-cultural nation as ours. The ‘Agbada’ challenge is a welcome concept, I see it selling as a major export to the continents of the World. Well done SERAH NWOKE!

  5. Ebuka has taken fashion in Nigeria to esteem heights,but also has Genevieve Nnaji has taken nollywood to global and magnificent heights and we still look forward to more accomplishments from our highly talented youths.
    This is an interesting writeup which has brought insights into how diverse and creative we are and can be in Nigeria. Well done and kudos to you,we look forward to more of such. It’s definitely a step in the right direction

  6. I have always known how itelligent you are but you keep raising the bar. This is a wonderful and convincing piece of writing. Now i know agbada can be beneficial. Keep it up. We are proud of you.

  7. I feel very proud whenever we use opportunities like this to showcase our cultural heritage and the good values of our dear country.

    Very impressive article. Well done

  8. Nigeria is blessed and endowed with beautiful cultural heritages! Let’s wear what is ours and let the world know we are proud of our own!

    What you have done with this piece is recreate the awareness of who we are by what we wear!

  9. Points picked from this good write includes, Appreciation of the Nigerian rich and diverse cultural heritage and the unrelenting show of value towards the African brand.
    it is good that we share more information about our culture fervently support those who represent us, which will aid to reduce the numerous questions that keep popping up.
    all the same this is a wonderful write-up keep it up Serah.

  10. Well articulated. “One thousand five hundred” or “agbada” shows the creativity of our fashion industry. Nice one Serah, keep it up.

  11. Let me start famzing you now. I know this writer, she’s my sister! Meanwhile thanks for this beautiful piece. Indeed, Nigeria keep moving forward not just in entertainment, but also in fashion sense.
    Keep it up, do not relent.


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