The Beautiful Cankerworms [Entry 74]

Two questions keep rumbling my thoughts over the years.

Firstly, why do we have high population of our youths eat with poverty and embrace social vices?
Secondly, why is our society filled with poor parents with innocent children suffering the consequences of their unwise decisions and lame thoughts?
The beautiful cankerworms are amongst the ingredients that flavoured this odorous condition in our society today.
So many of our youths engage their body, mind and soul and productive time with premarital sexual activities.
They occupy their thoughts with Porn videos, tapes and pictures.
Please, tell that youth beside you right now, that these items destroys his/her ability to think straight and to straighten his/her future plans for better ends.
It’s trendy now, we can’t do without these beautiful cankerworms.
This depletes the giants in us,physically and mentally into a lame hyena, taking our minds off thinking and making plans for a better future.
It takes us off from feeding our minds with books, food for thoughts, journals and magazines that will improve our quality of life.
Why engage your thoughts with premarital sexual activities when you ought to be reading, puzzling entre neural thoughts.
Why choose a 5 minutes enjoyment over a 50 years and lifetime gratification?
Many of our youths gets into several social vices out sexual frustrations.
Read, read, feed your mind with quality thoughts, mingle with lions on the same mission with you.
Keep fighting, until you get to the final spot, so as to hear shouts of victory.
The failed system of our world has painted so many lies to distract it’s inhabitants and to keep us off our life track, don’t fall for it. Keep your head a straight and your wheels a turning.
Train yourself into that icon you want your son or daughter to be proud of, someone that your future spouse will be proud to have.
Let’s give our children a better future, help get them immune against these beautiful cankerworms so as to clear poverty from the face of our society.
Let’s put hands together to kill this beautiful cankerworms in the system of our youths by organizing campaigns on sexual education and demerits of porn and premarital sexual activities, as youths are power station of any nation.
This article was written by Chukwu Chibuike; connect with him on IG here

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