A Balance Between Having Fun And Having Funds [Entry 80]

Yin and Yang, an ancient Chinese philosophy can be thought of as complementary forces that form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the assembled parts rather than opposing forces. This philosophy shows a balance between two opposite and grants us an understanding that everything in life has two sides (for instance, no shadow can exist without light).

In the same manner, we place having fun and having funds on a scale as a lot of the youths are out to have fun, but are lacking funds. So the question before everyone is, “How do I make extra cash without indulging in anything illegal?”

If you find yourself reading this section of the magazine, congratulations! You have just found a treasure box which contains helpful tips on making cool money without being afraid of the police. We would bring to your awareness a few ways that would cause a balance in you having fun and having funds.

Firstly, let’s talk about UBER/TAXIFY. It would interest you to know that the average uber/taxify driver makes about hundred thousand Naira (₦100,000) weekly, if he/she subtracts the cost of fueling the car, he/she would be left with eighty thousand Naira (₦80,000). The best part is this makes him/her fully in charge of his/her time. So just in case you own a nice ride, you could “uber” it up which could either be throughout the week or only on weekends. Thank me later.

Secondly, some companies pay $1 – $3 per hour for surveys which are then sold to companies that wants data such as customer’s feedback on products and services rendered. A few examples include: Surveyjunkie, Pinecone Research, Vindale Research, Ipsos i-say. So why don’t you sign up on their platforms and make yourself $100 in two weeks. Your monthly internet bundle should not be spent only on using social media, sell information.

Thirdly, Forex…oh my dear Forex. This happens to be the most lucrative way to make so much money even while you are asleep. I won’t bore you with what Forex means, but it would interest you to know that a total of $5.3 trillion is traded on Forex yearly. But still the question is, “how much of this $5.3 trillion is going into your pocket?” Trading is very easy if you decide to learn as there are various simulators you can practice with and seminars you can attend. So get yourself a Forex broker firm and start trading. A few firms I can personally recommend due to their track record of successes over the years are: FxPro, Alpari, iMarketlive, OANDA. These firms provide you with nice packages that aids your money making.

I will conclude with this, so just in case you are seeking for ways to work from the comfort of your homes, then moneymakingmommy.com is where to visit. So till we meet again on a lakeside beach levels, keep having fun and having funds!


This article was written by Seyi Oke; connect with him on IG here

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  1. Having to combine fund and fun is a lovely one. Although I do not thoroughly get the second point, but this is a beautiful one. Honestly we all need to kno more of these especially the young ones.
    Nice one!


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