Aundrey Ricks Transitions from a Division 1 Athlete to a Business Mogul

Aundrey Ricks has assisted some of the country’s top talent’s. Before the Raw Impact Brand Ricks made a name for himself on the tough streets of Detroit as a top basketball prospect. Playing basketball on the hard streets of Detroit, MI brought out the natural competitiveness in his blood. Hearing gunshots at night also motivated young Aundrey to take his life to the next level. He started to stand out in high school and made the varsity basketball team after he was determined to move up from JV.  This led to him being recruited by the Michigan Hurricanes which is an AAU team that once housed LA Clippers Wilson Chandler.  On this team, he stood out as one of the most competitive point guards and also one of the silliest personalities.  

Through playing AAU basketball, he was able to meet his coach and mentor William Smith. Mr. Smith advised young Aundrey on and off the court. This eventually led to a full ride division 1 scholarship to Western Michigan University where he received his Criminal Justice Degree in the matter of 4 years. 

Aundrey Ricks had some glorifying moments at Western Michigan University. Furthermore, Aundrey played with and against some of the worlds best talent, such as Stephen CurryDraymond GreenGeorge HillNick Young and many more.  None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for the mentoring and great parenting in his life guiding him along his journey.

For Ricks assisting these athletes is not only fun but a way to give back his passion for the game.  Ricks wants his brand to be associated with positivity and faith. 

Furthermore, Mr. Aundrey Ricks dream is to assist everyone to live out their dreams!

This article was written by Mark Snider

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