Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: Its Impacts Employment [Entry 15]

“Let us examine a situation where the mind is not used due to advancement of technology; People relax and everything is done by Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (automation) – the scenario will exactly mark the beginning of human degradation and finally extinction when they begin to outsmart us and make us look like fools.”

Automation is the application of machines to tasks once performed by humans. Automation technology has matured to a point where a number of other technologies have developed from it and have achieved a recognition of their own. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are one of these technologies.

Robotics is a branch of automation where automated machines are built to possess certain human-likes characteristics.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that deals with creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. AI machines are programmed and made to think like humans.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics doubt they have been of immense help to man’s existence on earth but unfortunately, their disadvantages has outweighs their advantages in recent years.

In an interview with the British Broadcast Commission, Professor Stephen Hawkings said “The primitive forms of artificial intelligence developed so far have already proved useful, but I fear the consequences of creating something that can match or surpass humans.”

His statement clearly revealed his fear of what Artificial Intelligence could turn to in future.

The negative impacts of automation apart from mistakes in instructions is the unemployment it creates. Automation in industries can lead to massive loss of jobs and boom the wagon of unemployment.

According to reports of a study carried out by McKinsey Global Institute, they predicted that by the year 2030, as many as 800 million jobs could be lost worldwide to automation. The company further revealed that advances in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics will have a drastic effect on our everyday lives. At the world bank/International Monetary Fund springs meeting in Washington D.C, the world bank president Jim Young Kim said “Developing countries including Nigeria face the risk of losing about 70% of jobs to automation.” 70% of jobs is equivalent to about two-third of the jobs that currently exists in Nigeria. Regardless of jobs being lost to automation, Nigeria currently sits third in the list of countries with highest unemployment rate after South Africa and Greece. The question is “what will happen to the unemployed?” However, the answer to this cannot be far fetched because an increase in unemployment will automatically lead to an increase in poverty rate of which Nigeria currently tops the list of the poorest countries in the world, India with twice the population as ours sits second.

In conclusion, the above crystal clearly points out the negative impacts of automation in our lives not only as regards employment but in different spheres of our doings in life.


This article was written by Abdul Lateef Badmus; connect with him on IG here

68 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: Its Impacts Employment [Entry 15]

  1. Owowdunni Lateef Temitope · Edit

    Nice article from a great writer. I once told someone that if we can maintain the level of technology in this country, we will find robot to be our teachers, doctor, tailor, lawyer and so on. But my question is, what kind of world will it look like.


  3. AI taking over every sectors of human endeavor will do more harm than good. The concept of allowing people to be part of a process in large amounts is not stupidity but a cyclic process that justify the theory of demand and supply. When AI takes people jobs en mass thus promoting unemployment, the results will be drastic drop in demand because people won’t have the means to their needs. If you introduce AI in rice productions and you sack workers, after production the number of people that can afford the finished goods will be affected because they don’t have jobs to get their needs. AI should be focused on human health not to be a competition to humans survival. By the way nice write up. Keep it up.

    1. Youve spoken well bro…thanks for time.

      The problem is that people presently are not seeing these things as threats now but when it starys happening they will regret ever canvassing for the cause of their downfall.

      Moreso,we also should try to keep ourselves updated with these level of advancement in texhnology so we wont be left behind.

      The reason some animals are now in extinction is due to their ability not to adapt to the changes in their environment.

      Good job Mr Rahaman.

    1. Abdul Lateef Badmus · Edit

      i won’t acknowledge your compliment until you also enter for this writing contest. you have nothing to lose by trying sir. give it a trial and who knows ……

      anyways,i appreciate your effort

  4. It is disheartening seeing where technology is leading us on automobiles and robotics all in the name of “à better future”…..Least out of its disadvantages have been mentioned above which surpasses it’s advantages. I would like propose to the countries whose economic buoyancy is poor or even handicapped (Nigeria, south Africa, India etc) to look into their formal books of constituency. They should have the strength to fight against unemployment and not supporting it. They should fight for the freedom of their nation and means of providing sustainable jobs for the dues than robots.


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