Like It Or Not – Argentina and Barcelona Are Both Nothing Without Messi

The 6 goals to 1 defeat against Spain and without Messi, is a sign that Argentina’s hopes of a third Word cup rests totally on his shoulders.

Could it be the class of Spain or just a team being swept away by the storm? Could it be form or the casual attitude of some players towards friendly games? I don’t think so. It was a chance for Argentina to strengthen their idea of the game, to experiment different formations, to bond more. It all ended up in a horrible defeat, a catastrophic nightmare.

The 6-1 hammering of the Argentineans who were called up to test their ability and hopefully making the 23-man list for the World cup in June. They were also hoping to blend with Lionel unhappy – forlorn even- and their clueless manager, Jorge Sampaoli, and the rest of the world, are disappointment. Although, Messi did not play in Madrid or in the win against Italy.

Yes, Messi decided not to feature due to muscle fatigue. The match went ahead with an obvious reason that Messi will not be in the line-up. It was an opportunity to start newer players and check how a Messi-less Argentina would fare against bigger nations.

All analysis of formation and strategy or individual assessment of players ability seems futile. Those who spent time on the pitch were not even up to the absentees – Aguero, Di Maria and even the target of hatred, Higuain. The calm and thoughtful Mascherano showed signs that he is reaching the end of his International career.

It seems more than ever than Argentina is losing it and are punching weights above their power. More so, the toiling and charisma of pressmen and players suggests the urgent changes are long way off.


This article was written by Alex Ndace; he tweets via @AlexNdace

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