6 Selling Practices To Increase Revenue

Selling is a tedious and rewarding job at the same time. When a salesman knows how to go about his job effectively and efficiently, the sky will be his limit as he will achieve a lot financially and career wise.

Sales are the life wire of every business and as clearly stated by Samuel Watson: “nothing happens until someone sells something”. The statement simply says every other activity and continuity of a business relies on the inflow of revenue from sales. Therefore the art of selling is very important and should be understood and mastered.

A salesman or a business owner that intends to maximize sales and generate revenue should practice the following selling steps:

Have Product/Service Knowledge

This is very important as you cannot offer what you have no information about to your potential customers. The knowledge should be a totality of how your product/service functions, its importance, its unique selling proposition, the industry you are operating and other firms with alternative offering competing with yours.


Try to know the persons or organization that will likely patronize your business, you should also have in mind the 20/80 rule as the big buyers are always within the 20, you should work more towards winning them and also on the 80 too.

Relationship and Trust

A salesperson should have people skill and be able to freely discuss on several subjects, he/she should be very professional in appearance and conduct to be able to win prospects trust and friendliness. The ability to listen is very important as customers need(s) can be easily known through listening.


Matching needs through presentation after listening and knowing exactly what the prospect needs is very crucial and should be done convincingly with understandable features and benefits of your product/service.

Answer Objection Questions

Customers have questions and doubts about why they should patronize your business. Answer these questions in the most convincing manner and give social proofs of your existing customers if you have to and also bring forth your unique selling proposition (USP).

Close Selling

This is the concluding part of the whole process. Always try to bring this forward after objections are tackled and your potential customer is convinced. Politely ask to get his/her order and then deliver quickly at the best possible time and provide after sales services to pave way for further businesses and referrals.



This article was written by Sule Muhammed Lawwal

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