5 Types Of Fashion Rings A Lady Should Have

The ring is one of the best and all-time favourite fashion accessories; it not only screams glam, sophistication and class, it brings out the best in every outfit. What a way to show that you are a diva if not wearing a beautiful staple ring to make a statement.  We cannot deny that we move our hands day in day out and one will not help but notice when you have a beautiful accessory on your finger.  Some people nowadays forget or rather are not so interested in wearing a ring; it is the last fashion accessory some people will consider to wear.  Some people will say ‘If I am not wearing my wedding ring, no need for any other one’. You are wrong, why not stand out and do what some people see as unnecessary. Rings come in different types, sizes, shapes and designs for each occasion. Bear in mind that you should wear the right ring for the right occasion.

Here are 5 types of fashion rings a woman should bear in mind

Diamond Rings

These types of rings are usually sparkling; they glitter and are very much sophisticated. They come in gold or silver, yellow gold and silver and others. It is beautiful, makes a statement and can be worn casually. There are smaller types made simpler for the casual look.  An elegant woman would definitely wear this one.

Coloured Gemstones

These are rings that have colourful stones. This type of ring is very busy and fancy. This is more of a casual ring than sophisticated one. This can be worn with a simple dress while the ring does more of the talking.

Pearl Rings

Pearls look more like classy beads, it’s white, shiny and hardly fades colour. It is more affordable when compared to diamonds. If you want to slay for cheap, it is the ring for you; that is not to say that there are no expensive pearl rings, but it can come very cheap.

Two Finger Ring

This type of ring is stylish and has holes for only 2 fingers. Sometimes the rings has inscriptions on it, popular ones have LOVE.  It is for the young and stylish people that want to make a statement. Simple dressing is required for this type of ring.

Bracelet Rings

This type of ring is very classy, quite sophisticated and very girlie. In fact it is for the trendy woman mostly for the younger ones. This ring is attached to a bracelet. You have a bracelet and a ring put together, it saves you the stress of looking for a bracelet incase you want to wear one.


This article was written by Ngozi Florence Ojeogwu; connect with her on IG here

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