5 Steps In Giving Your Face That Super Glow At Home

Who says you cannot achieve that glow from the home front. Doing a home skin care regime is very necessary and a priority to glowing skin, even if you have had or usually have a professional facial done at home, you still need to maintain the glow at home. Let’s not forget there are so many people that cannot afford the professional touch. If you want to glow for less follow this 5 steps      


This step is very important for the Africans because of the harsh and toxic weather using an antibacterial soap, black soap help cleans the skin deep from all impurities, dirt, excess oil. This kind of cleansers  go deep into the skin to treat pimples and skin imperfections, for a clearer and brighter skin. You wash twice in order for the product to go deep into the skin and do its work. This product can be used daily.


Using a face scrub is essential and a great step in achieving an amazing glow as it removes dirt and dead skin; it instantly reveals a clear and bright skin. Facial scrubs comes in different fragrances, type and texture so it is important to choose the one that is appropriate for your skin type. These products can be used between once or thrice a week or depending on preference.


You heard that right Detox mask, not the regular clay mask. Detox mask is usually in clay form and when used goes deeper into the skin to remove toxins, excess oil and unwanted dirt from the skin. this is one product that gives you a spa makeover without actually going to a spa. This product can be used once a week or according to preference.


This is an important regime in the glow process as one removes left over soap, dirt while moisturizing the skin. There are certain glow tonners that contain Aloe vera, cucumber, avocado and rose water. These ingredients are natural and fight signs of aging and dry skin and gives the skin a wonderful glow. This product can be used everyday.


This is the last step of the glow and very important because if skin is left not moisturized, it can cause damage, dryness and premature aging. When a moisturizer is applied it brings to life all the work and effort put into the skin, it is advisable to buy the moisturizer with a sunscreen to protect the skin against harmful sun rays or buy a sun screen lotion separately. This product should be used daily.


This article was written by Ngozi Florence Ojeogwu; connect with her on IG here

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