5 Staple Sunglasses Shapes For Men

You want to know who man’s best friend is? It is sunglasses. They are every stylish man’s companion and confidant, especially when they have to attend an event and make a statement. Sunglasses add that magic touch to the appearance, but a good pair makes all the difference, not just the price but the style, colour, shape and fitting. They have become an important fashion accessory in a stylish mans wardrobe as it is not only used in the sun but anywhere.

Let us look at some staple men sunglass shapes

Black Square Sunglass

This sunglass is a man’s all-time favourite, as it captures the eyes of the viewer with its square frame; it is manly, bold, classy and strong. One designer that rocked this type of sunglasses is Rayban. Men had a pair of this in their wardrobe; it was sold everywhere so you had to beware of the fake ones. Another similar frame to this is Fendi black square sunglasses.

Aviator Sunglass

This one is so common in every stylish man’s wardrobe; it has a slanting curve around the face usually touching the cheek. It is classy, and very stylish. Comes in different colours and always stand out from other shapes of sunglasses.

Wayfarer Sunglass

These ones are semi square and round at the same time, it is classy, and for people that might not want the overly fierce look. Brands like Chloe and Ted baker have made this type of sunglasses.

Round Sunglass

This type of sunglasses is not commonly worn by men except extremely fashionable men. Round shape looks feminine yet can be masculine depending on the outfit it is styled with.

Wrap Around Sunglass

This is one oldie but a goodie; sunglasses that our fathers wore, it has created with small frames to wrap around the face in a tight manner. Its classy and daring but I would say for the older man.


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This article was written by Ngozi Florence Ojeogwu; connect with her on IG here

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