5 Sports Heroes Who Are Homosexuals/Bisexuals

In an age where sexuality has been a knack in front-race of existence, it is imminent to put aside all sentiment and not overlook the stars- sports and movie alike, being pampered by preferential treatment. Since Justin Fashanu committed suicide in 1998, eight tumultuous years after admitting to being gay while at Leyton Orient, the atmosphere has since changed. A look at the demography does not really support the way the subject plays. In Africa, it is impossible for a homosexual to come out as the law does not support the trend of homosexuality. Robbie Rogers of LA Galaxy FC came out after leaving Leeds of England. Eventually, the game will be the real deal in a hostile environment, or even just the fear of letting fans know who they really are is depriving football of that talk and maybe the talent.

Five sporting heroes who made headlines by publicly announcing as homosexual or bisexual

  • Nicola Adams

This woman goes down in history as the first woman to win an Olympic boxing title. She made no secret of her sexuality. She made comments about being bisexual and letting the general public of her fearlessness in her acceptance.

  • Gareth Thomas

The former Wales captain came out in 2009. Although it sent shocks through the sports chains but still received huge support from within the rugby world. He requested to be treated as a man and as a rugby player rather than a gay rugby player.

  • Tom Daley

Also an Olympic medallist, he confessed his love for Screenwriter Dustin Lance Black in a YouTube clip in 2013. Like every other person, he justified it as a weight being lifted off his shoulders.

  • Casey Stoney

Former England women’s captain and Arsenal women defender came out in 2014 while speaking with BBC. She emphasized on the issue of suicide among homosexuals resulting in fear to admit their sexuality.

  • Jason Collins

The tall basketball player came out in 2013 as he made history by openly coming as the first gay athlete in a major American Sports team. He revealed it during an interview granted by Sports Illustrated.


This article was written by Alex Ndace; he tweets via @AlexNdace

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