5 Reasons Why A Man Should Get A Facial Treatment

Facials are indeed not for the ladies alone as men have joined the band wagon. It is not too feminine to get a facial, as it is a necessity rather than a luxury. Some men have oily skin, suffer breakouts, shaving bumps, premature aging, blackheads and whiteheads, so what other way to get them out than a relaxing and deep cleansing facials.

Facials are work out for the face. The theory that facials are done only if you have breakouts or a rough skin should be disregarded. Everyone needs this beauty treatment, because trust me there are one thousand and one things your aesthetician can discover about your skin under the lights. Facials is diagnosing your skin, in order to treat your skin concerns. For men that want to look clean, fresh and look the part in their business endeavours, carry on reading. Here are 5 reasons you should get a facial as a man.


Men tend to have bumps from shaving. Facial treatment tends to get rid of bumps and spots through facial steaming, extractions and variety of spot treatments. Thorough deep pore cleansing is being done to treat this problem.


Men’s skin tends to be hard and tough. Facial treatment helps smoothen and keep it soft. For men that think they do not need a facial treatment, look at how tough your skin is and how unattractive you may be to the ladies then think again.


This applies to women as well, environmental pollution, stress, diet and lifestyle can make our skin get all messy. What other way to recover than a soothing facial. That glows the skin and at the same time treat skin problems.


Facial treatment tend to reduce the oil that comes out from the skin, especially for men since they produce more oil due to their testosterone level. After the deep pore cleansing, a mud mask is used to draw out unwanted oils from the skin, leaving the skin healthy and very manageable.


Men tend to over stress themselves, working and fending for the family with little or no skin care regime. What better way to take care of the skin and relax other than going for a facial treatment at least once a month.  It will do the men a lot of good to relax their facial muscles from time to time, in order to prevent early signs of aging and look very bright and handsome.


This article was written by Ngozi Florence Ojeogwu; connect with her on IG here

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