5 Reasons Entrepreneurship Shouldn’t Be Ignored In Nigeria

We have existed long enough as an entity and our ideals, beliefs and activities have over the years encountered changes that resulted from new trends, technological advancement, globalization and other factors. We are gradually getting out of the era of subjection to parental preference of one’s career choice and good qualification for better job. We are gradually embracing the lone and the less travelled path to achieving financial independence through entrepreneurship, the recent ideological revolution with various social proofs showing a good statistics of individuals succeeding at entrepreneurship is the best motivation and influence one requires to get started. Information and experience are very paramount to achieving quicker success in the journey of entrepreneurship. While information abound, it is also advisable to consume the best ones. Experience can also be borrowed from acquiring information and mentoring or learned from trying. The following reasons have shown that entrepreneurship is gaining more ground in Nigeria and shouldn’t be ignored:

  • The jobs are becoming tougher to come by

A high number of people are underemployed and dissatisfied with their jobs and a higher percentage of persons with the abilities and willingness to work are finding it difficult to secure jobs.

  • More persons are becoming more successful through starting their own business

A good number of Nigerians are thriving greatly living their business dreams including students, workers, retirees and those who seek to be their own bosses. The proofs are in the household names we are familiar with, the products and services we patronize regularly such as clothing, beauty, events and entertainment.

  • More parents are becoming proud of entrepreneurial children

Gone are those days when parents detest any form of detour from the norms of pursuing careers that are perceived by the society as highly respectful. If you want more proof try asking Aliko Dangote, Femi Otedola or Jason Njoku and Mark Essien’s parents.

  • Entrepreneurs are receiving national and global attention

This group of extra ordinary men and women are receiving awards, recognition and even grants within and outside the country.

  • Passions are rapidly being turned into successful businesses

People have monetized their passions and many are also leaving paid jobs to do what they love most as a business.


This article was written by Sule Muhammed Lawwal

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