5 Reasons Why You Deserve A Work Spouse

Everyone deserves a work environment that feels as warm as home and as comforting as the charm of a good friend. That is why YOU need a work spouse [husband/wife] in your workspace.

A work spouse is a co-worker with whom you share a close relationship and bond with. A colleague whose intentions towards you are pure and as sure as the rising sun.

Truth be told, you need an office BFF!

Don’t go looking for a work spouse because you might end up shooting yourself in the foot. Give it time, understand your work environment and colleagues and when your spouse comes, they will fit perfectly like a glove.

Not everyone will have one. But here are the reasons why YOU deserve one.

  • You need TRUST!

Work places are like the wild life. You are never certain of who to trust and who has the best possible intentions towards you. You are always looking over your shoulder, hoping to sight the dagger before it lands. A work spouse is the calm in the storm.

You trust this person enough to share your work struggles and limitations with and the person is always on hand to help you with finding solutions.

  • Finally, someone gets YOU, Yes!

Imagine being in a work environment where you feel you don’t fit perfectly. Like your first day in high school … you haven’t earned your sit at the table yet.

Having a work BFF who totally gets you and your insecurities will go a long way with you settling fully in your work environment. A work BFF who is able to make you laugh, goof up and still help you achieve optimum productivity in the work place is pure gold.

  • You can Vent all you want!

When you are irritated or have grievances that has you peach red, a work spouse is the to-go place to VENT. Just let it flow

You missed your deadline? A work colleague is sitting on your last nerve? Your boss gives another of the many insurmountable expectations?… Whatever it is, your work spouse is there for support to lend an ear and a shoulder to lean on. You can talk to your work spouse about them all and leave all that bad energy behind while you go home calm and collected.

Get you a work spouse!

  • No competition.

There is nothing as calming and as relieving as having to not be in a competition with anyone especially a colleague. In an environment where you are trying to meet deadlines, outperform the rest of the team so as to win the employer of the month plaque or a raise for a down payment of the house, a work spouse increases productivity by not being a competition but a support system.

You are not alone in this. You have support from someone who is willing to chip in and enable you with tools to increase work productivity.

  • I love Mondays!

Most people never end up finding the perfect work spouse. Some enter into one chance and end up with the worst of the worst but for the lucky few who end up having work BFFs, work becomes the best place to be everyday of the week.

With work colleagues Mondays couldn’t come any faster!

Work becomes more light weight and the best feeling in the world is walking into the building looking forward to meeting your BFF who has plastered on their face the perfect smile.

Their utter honesty, support, understanding and friendship are the perfect therapy to any stiff work environment.


NB: Never mix business with pleasure. Do not spoil a perfectly good relationship by putting SEX in the mix. The moment you do that you have ruined an almost perfect relationship. It’s like mixing crude oil in perfectly made noodle soup or jollof rice.

I have had very good work colleagues in the past and I still remain in very close communication with them. We maintain a very strong and supportive bond.


This article was written by Omah Ogbuehi; she tweets via @OmahSpeaks

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