5 Ingredients Used For Making Sugar Wax

Every lady would love to wax their bodies and have that shiny glowing leg or arm but it is too expensive to achieve. Let me introduce you to waxing at home DIY(DO IT YOURSELF) You can be in the comfort of your home, get the ingredients and make a wax gel and get a wax strip, which is affordable of course. If you want to look and feel beautiful for less, follow me on the countdown to the ingredients needed to make your own wax gel at home


Sugar is a common type of wax found in most spas around the world. Sugar is an exfoliator and is good for removing or pulling out unwanted hair or dirt. The sugar is being heated and turned brown. Easy right? I thought so.


Following swiftly to the pot of sugar is the lemon, lemon is a good anti bacterial agent as well as lightening agent. Did I say lemon lightens the skin? It sure does. Make sure your lemon is nearby and squeezed into a boiling pot with the sugar.


This is the basic ingredient that would bring all the other ingredient together so be sure to boil properly and when the consistency is brown and thick, stop boiling and bring it down to cool: a big glass jar – this is where the content is being poured and kept, people use different kinds of jars but I will recommend a glass one. Plus it looks too cute.

Popsicle sticks

If you are looking for something to scope the wax to your skin. This is an affordable and hygienic option as you scope and use, make sure to throw away and do not keep or use again.

Wax strips

This is very essential for removing the unwanted hair from the skin. You apply the wax on the skin with the popsicle stick, place the wax strips in an opposite direction from where the hair is growing, rub the wax strip into the skin and pull. There you have it. Quick easy steps to look fly at a very affordable price.

Make sure to test it on a small portion of your skin, if it is suitable. At the end of the whole process, put like a calming moisturizer, oil or aloe vera gel on the skin to avoid swelling or irritation.

This article was written by Ngozi Florence Ojeogwu; connect with her on IG here

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