Now, this may be a controversial topic because people can be very particular about their pizza. Maybe you like your crust thin or soft, or you like extra cheese, or maybe there’s a specific combination of toppings you must have.

Trying new pizza can be an exciting activity if you’re up for it. In the quest for Gourmet Pizza, I visited a few spots in Lagos that do not make mass production pizzas, making sure I always visited with a date – for double opinions, and here are my Top 5 in no particular order:

  • La Veranda 
La Veranda

La Veranda is located within the Blowfish hotel at 17 Oju Olobu St., Off Idejo St., VI Lagos. If you see a very pink building, you have certainly reached your destination. 

La Veranda has a very wide range of varieties which is great, but honestly got me confused on which one to try. Eventually, we decided to settle for the “La Veranda” for obvious reasons.

We requested for the Rucola to be left out because we didn’t want veggies and instead, we ordered for extra chicken. We also decided to choose two different base – one half with pesto and the second half with tomato sauce.

It was ready in 15 mins and the dough was perfectly cooked with a slightly charred base. I’m usually a sucker for thick crust but this one had the perfect thin crust that won me over to the thin crust team.

The Verdict: Although we agreed that the pizza was great, we wondered how much chicken would have been in the pizza originally, if we didn’t order extra chicken, as they could have been more generous with the chicken portion, otherwise, we had no complaints at all.


La Veranda – N4,500

Extra Chicken – N1,800

Chapman – 2,000

  • Pizze-Riah


Pizze-riah, located at 13, Musa Yar’adua St., VI Lagos, seemed like a good place to grab a drink or an appetizer with friends. We quickly settled for Half Suya and Half Wakiki Pizzas from a relatively sparse pizza menu.

The Suya-Pizza had the right thin crust, was crispy and tasted great. The crust had slightly burnt, smoky flavor which we loved. It could have been spicier but my taste buds are very demanding of spice so I’m not the best judge. My date thought it was the perfect amount of spice anyways.

The Wakiki-Pizza on the other hand, with ham and pineapple as the main ingredients, was a little difficult to eat, thanks to the very fresh chunky pineapples that were cut and placed right on top of the pizza without being slightly baked at all.

The pineapples are supposed to be added at the last few minutes of baking the pizza, right? But in this case, we had very juicy, squishy pineapples on which tasted quite wrong. The ham tasted good anyways, so we ended up picking out the pineapple chunks before eating, so maybe request for the pineapples to be baked with the pizza a little, if you have to try the Wakiki-Pizza.

The Verdict: Overall, Pizze-riah‘s outdoor area had a nice ambiance and I would love to visit again and try out their other pizza options. Just remember to sit in the indoor area if you visit in the evening and don’t want to be feast for mosquitoes and also take note that they only accept cash payment.


Suya-Pizza – N4,000

Wakiki-Pizza – N3,800

Half of Each – N4,000

Chapman -N1,000

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice – N1,500

  • La Taverna

La Taverna

Located at No. 48, Balarabe Musa Cres., VI Lagos, La Taverna has a proper dining setting indoors and a casual sit out area. Not sure if it was hunger or just poor decision making, but we decided to order two different pizzas – Lagos Street Pizza and Pizza-Taverna.

The Lagos street style pizza crust was thin, very crisp to bite into and had the right amount of cheese. The Taverna however, had a crust that was too thick, more than enough cheese in it and not much going on with the taste.

One poor experience we had here was the amount of time it took for the pizza to be ready – a whole hour! It took a lot for my date and I not to take the piss but the waiter apologized and we were rewarded with complementary dessert – two cups of ice cream.

The Verdict: We felt it was thoughtful of the restaurant to be nice enough to make up for the wait, of course. I would probably visit this place again and try out other pizza options.


Lagos Street Pizza – N4,500

Pizza Taverna – N4,500

Sangria – N3,000

Chapman – N1,000

  • Milano Restaurant


Milano Restaurant is an Italian Restaurant within Intercontinental Hotel located at No. 269, Kofo Abayomi Road, VI Lagos. If you don’t already know the hotel, the general ambiance is beautiful and peaceful.

My date and I scrolled through the menu, and realized that all the Pizzas are Nigerian Style – which is odd considering that it is an Italian Restaurant and guests should naturally expect Italian pizza. Moving forward, we requested for our pizza to be Half Chicken Suya Pizza and Half Nigerian Beef Pizza.

Milano Restaurant’s Pizza slices are quite massive; the Chicken Suya Pizza was delicious with thin, crispy crust. The sauce and toppings were fresh and it had the right amount of cheese. The Nigerian beef pizza tasted like the beef was leftover tasteless fried beef picked up from storage. We couldn’t get past the taste of the beef to even know how the dough tasted because it was plain terrible.

The Verdict: Milano Restaurant is a great place to eat pizza if you want to be adventurous and try their Nigerian Style Pizza as they had options like Asun Pizza and Gizzard Pizza. It would be great though, if the beef doesn’t taste stale next time.


Chicken Suya – 5,000

Nigerian Beef – N4,800

Half of Each – N5,000

Coke – N1,000

  • La Pizza

La-Pizza, located at No. 13, Taslim Elias Close, VI Lagos is designed Italian Style and is a very cozy space. La pizza has a wide range of pizza choices that are truly Italian style – they keep their recipe really simple.

I ordered for the Chicken Suya-Pizza which contained tomato sauce, mozzarella and chicken and it was ready in 15 mins. At first, it was really soggy and so, a little frustrating to eat, but after letting it cool for a few minutes, it became less soggy.

The crust was thin but the dough wasn’t crispy. The sauce was quite a lot, making the combination with the cheese a little too much. The pizza tasted a little salty at first but soon became consistent, the sauce and the chicken tasted fresh so overall, it wasn’t bad.

The Verdict: Although the Pizzas are quite pricey, La Pizza is a nice place to go if you’re looking for real Italian style gourmet pizza.


Chicken-Pizza – 4,500

This article was written by Mercy Imiegha

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