5 Fashionable Nail Shapes Perfect For A Lady

Nails are one of ladies fashion accessory. Nails speak volumes about your personality, style and class. Dirty nails will scream a lady that is unkempt; clean, tidy and beautiful nails screams class, and a lady who is put together. Who doesn’t want to keep flaunting their nails unnecessarily, touching their hair or face? A girl should know how to take care of her nails; it’s your body and going to be with you for a long time. Choosing the perfect nail shape will depend on your preference, style, personality and probably event of the day. Below are some nail shapes that are trendy right now.

Round shape

This is one popular nail shape that is curved in a round form. It is simple and classy but for the ones that have cool and simple personalities because it is usually short and has a natural look to it. If you want to look low-key beautiful with nails that can fit into any occasion, these nails are your best option

Square shape

This is another nail shape that is classy and in-between low key and sharp. It is still appropriate for all occasions and can be worn either long or short depending on preference. It has a natural look to it.

Oval shape

This shape is very pretty and is a refined form of the round nails being a longer form of round nails. For those that want to look trendy, girly and nice. These nails are definitely the one to go for. It is one to wear for all occasions. It is better done short or medium length for a more natural look.

Ballerina shape

This type of nail is the current obsession by most ladies. It is usually long, has a swollen shape at the surface and has a small square shape at the tips – it is not a full square nails. It is definitely classy, if you want a  more corporate look, I will not advice you to go for this shape of nails, although it can be done short, it has an extravagant, over the top look but If you want to make a statement, by all means jump in. It is sure one beautiful shape to consider.

Stiletto shape

This is another over the top nails and is also known as pointy nails. The mouths are usually sharp like pencil and can be worn by people who are not simple people, people who are adventurous, daring and people who have a washing machine in their house because they will not be able to wash with the nails. It is usually long in nature to expose the real shape of the nails and most definitely not for the work place. What can I say if you can still pull it off in your workplace, I am not mad at you.

But all in all, confidence is the key; look for the one that best suits your personality and rock it well. Do not say you want to follow trend and you goof. Make sure you are comfortable with any choice that you make.


This article was written by Ngozi Florence Ojeogwu; connect with her on IG here

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