5 Beauty Accessories A Man Should Have Always

It’s no surprise that men are coming up when it comes to taking proper care of themselves, and so you know, they have beauty needs. Men are more aware these days about clear skin, proper hygiene and looking good. Women definitely top the chat when it comes to beauty needs but men are coming on strong, well some men. In case you are a man already in the know about beauty necessities thumbs up, if you have no clue, sit back, relax and take notes. This article will be helpful to you.

Let us correct the thinking that men who take care of themselves are too feminine or jobless. If you want to attract good company or a great business deal as well as a listening ear, you sure need to step up your game. However, there are basic accessories every man should have in handy. This is not fancy, but essential both for hygiene and beauty, and will definitely make a change in your life big time.


This is commonly used by women for any cleaning emergency but men need it too, you still find some men picking their noses or having extreme oily skin. Why not make your life easier by keeping some tissue in the pocket. It doesn’t have to be fancy as you can equally get some out of your regular tissue paper, in case you do not have the small ones.

The pocket tissue can be used to wipe phones, surfaces or your sunglasses, if you wear one.


The use of hand cream cannot be over emphasised. Most men have really tough and dry skin, and need to use a hand cream from time to time. To some men it’s too feminine to have a hand cream, but it is not proper to have ashy hands either. Why not pop a small cute bottle of hand cream in your car or pocket and someone would be glad you shook their hand, besides you do not want to be tagged unkempt or rough.


This is not much of a beauty accessory rather a health one. The palm tends to touch so many dirty surfaces without knowing, men can be very clumsy and unbothered about where they place their hand, they also use that same hand to grab a snack. Why not save yourself from catching infection, getting germs into your food, or even using a dirty hand to rub your face by getting a hand sanitizer. It comes in really small sizes that can fit into your pocket and bigger ones for your car.


This is so good even if most of us forget to keep our lips moisturized. There is nothing as annoying as moving around with chapped lips when you could prevent it by carrying a lip balm in your pocket since some of them come in small sizes. For that perfect date, guys rub that lip balm on your lips, during that cold weather, or when your lips just feels so dry, lip balm to the rescue. It can be bought according to preference as there are different flavours to pick from.


This is a very important one as some men sweat and tend to get body odour or an unpleasant smell. Let’s say you want to stop over at a friend’s place for dinner and you are not going home to take a shower, then you might need to spray your favourite perfume or body spray. Smelling good is good business!!, yes I invented that. But seriously, nobody likes a stinky smell, and with hot climates areas like Africa, deliberate actions need to be put to ensure a nice smelling body. You might not need to carry the whole bottle, as there are little bottle perfumes one can carry around.


This article was written by Ngozi Florence Ojeogwu; connect with her on IG here

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